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Of all the songs that I have ever heard, “Fear is Never Boring” always struck me as having the best title – a statement that forms a solid basis for getting through this life and onto the next. Brought to light by the little-known 80’s band, “Adrian Belew and The Bears,” the title is, to me, a meditation for these troubled times.

Many of us are living in fear – about our futures, our children, our friends and our lives. These are times when we don’t want to get out of bed, don’t want to get in the car, don’t want to go to the store – frankly we don’t want to do anything. Why? Because we’re scared.

But should fear paralyze us? Or should we use it to get out of the boring, settled times of success that we just passed? I think the latter. There is nothing more boring than too much success. We got to the point where we simply had to push the lever for the food pellet (or iPhone or BMW) to come out… it got too easy, and too boring! Hell, many folks could simply make money while asleep.

However, now, every move has risk. We face constant uncertainty. To navigate these uncharted waters, we need to have our senses about us. We need to see, to anticipate, to adjust – to look risk and uncertainty in the face and say “so what!” It’s not boring, it’s exhilarating.

So, this little-known band from Cincinnati, playing this even more obscure song, could, no should, become the anthem of a generation! The time is right! Fear is, in fact, exhausting, depressing and exhilarating – but it is Never Boring.

I just hope that Adrian still gets royalties!



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