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One has to wonder when corporate America is going to wake up and get behind a single-payor or hybrid health care system.  While this may go against the DNA of most senior management teams, the burden of dealing with employee and retiree health care has brought some of our most significant companies to their knees.

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Few would argue that the current healthcare system needs overhaul.  The current model of employer-sponsored private insurance has become unwieldy and unsustainable – particularly when employers are cutting upwards of 700,000 jobs a month.

At the same time, our current financial crisis is calling upon our public resources in record ways in hope of averting the Greater Depression.  The jury is still out on whether it will succeed.

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  • Mike: I was just speaking to a friend in DC that was explaining the same thing to me. The firm he's been clawing his way to the middle of for the last 7 ye